About Seraphin Monitoring Platform

Seraphin Monitoring Platform

Seraphin Monitoring Platform is a comprehensive IoT (Internet of Things) software platform developed to provide real-time monitoring and rapid alert capability.

The system is designed to protect your assets. It achieves that by sending telemetry data from variety of supported sensors to the Seraphin cloud servers.

Incoming data is evaluated against user defined rules. If rule conditions are met, the notification in the form of email, text message or a phone call is triggered to inform the user about alarm condition.

All sensor-sent telemetry data is stored in the cloud and available for live and retrospective view via a mobile friendly and secure web portal.

Data From Sensors

Browse through sensors

You can browse through your sensors and access the collected data through the portal. It's a convenient way to remotely monitor your assets whether you manage only a handful or hundreds of them.
Sensors Management - Browsing

Organise sensors into groups

The portal gives you the ability to organise your sensors into meaningful categories. You may want to group them according to their physical location, type, or purpose. It is easy to move sensors between these groups customising the views according to personal preferences.
Sensors Management - Organisation

Inspect sensor data

Zooming in on a specific sensor uncovers the latest data gathered throughout the day. The data is plotted on a line chart for easy insight and clear presentation. In addition, all historical data is at your fingertips, available for browsing as an easy to view and pageable table.
Sensors Management - Inspection

Event rule evaluation

Rule Management - Rule definition

Define rules that trigger notifications

Rules are at the core of the platform. Every incoming telemetry event that the platform receives is checked against them, and result determines whether an alert should be triggered. The portal allows you to create and customise new rules as well as change existing ones in an easy and convenient way. You can create any number and tailor them to the different telemetry data your sensors emit.

A typical rule definition follows an industry recognised pattern of ‘For…, When…, Then’. For example: for a particular sensor measuring temperature, when the reading drops below a specified value, then contact people on the following list. This easily understood rule pattern can be readily transformed to an extremely performant condition evaluation routine that is guaranteed to carry minimal footprint for the computing resources required to execute the rule.

Rule Management - Inspection

Inspect rules defined for your organisation

As an owner of an organisation onboarded onto the Seraphin Monitoring Platform you have the ability to grant multiple users admin access to your organisation. This will give them the ability to look at your data and view alert triggering rules you defined. In order to improve the ease with which newcomers to the platform may inspect existing rule definitions, all rules defined for your organisation can be presented in a simple human readable formatted output, therefore lowering the entry barrier to an absolute minimum for all newly onboarded users.
Rule Management - Browsing

Browse easily through active and disabled rules

The Seraphin Monitoring Platforms places no restrictions on the number of rules you define. Some of the rules you create will require immediate activation, some will be used only for testing and may or may not be eventually enabled in your production environment. The online portal makes it easy to browse through all rules you have defined, test each one in isolation and finally stage for production deployment or keep them in testing.

Alert management using online portal

Browse through alert notifications

The portal makes it easy to get an overview of all alerts that the system has initiated. You can easily access all information related to the context in which the alert was trigerred. This includes view into the telemetry event that coused the alert to fire, rule criteria that the telemetry event has met, and all people in your organisation that have been selected as a point of contact.
Alert management using online portal

Inspect rules that trigerred alerts

Only rules that meet the criteria you define can trigger notification alerts. Use the portal to inspect rules that resulted in notification attempts. A complete log of all activated rules for every telemetry event that your sensors transit is always available for total transparency.
Activations details

User management

Browse Organisations

Manage organisations

Seraphin Monitoring Platforms is a truly multi-tenant solution designed for individual users as well as re-sellers of our software. The system supports 3 levels of access, the highest one available to clients who have been employed to manage the Seraphin platform for other organisations.
Manage organisation users

Manage organisation users

Every organisation administrator has access to the users control panel where users can be added, suspended, deleted or have their priviledges elevated or revoked.

Real world example

A real world example how clients are using our platform.
Temperature in Seraphin monitored freezer
Temperature in Seraphin monitored freezer rises above the user defined threshold of -70 degrees Celsius. Shortly after, the wireless temperature sensor attached to the freezer reads the temperature and transmits it to the Seraphin Cloud Server (SCS).
Temperature in Seraphin monitored freezer
The SCS executes the user defined test which compares the received reading against the predefined value of -70 degrees.
Temperature in Seraphin monitored freezer
The test criteria are met and the system triggers a phone call to i.e. a clients on-call engineer. The engineer answers the call, the system records the receipt of the alert call. The engineer is now notified of the issue and proceeds to examine the site.

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