How it works

Sensor sends data

The system protects your assets by sending telemetry data from variety of supported sensors to the Seraphin cloud servers. Incoming data is evaluated against user defined rules, which trigger alerts if something is amiss. All sensor-sent telemetry data is stored in the cloud and is available for live and retrospective view via a mobile friendly and secure web portal.
Sensor activation image

Telemetry event evaluation

Organisations onboarded onto Serpahin online portal define rules that every incoming telemetry event is evaluated against. The result determines if an alert should be trigerred to an on-call engineer. The portal makes it easy to define and manage any number of rules you may need, browse through the alerts, and stay informed about actions your on-call engineers have taken.

Alert management using online portal

If rule conditions are met, a notification in the form of email, text message or a phone call is triggered to inform the user about the alert. Our system makes it easy to track the lifetime of each alert, from the moment it was trigerred until it's acknowledged by an on-call engineer.

User management

Seraphin Monitoring Platform is a multi-tenant software solution that has been designed for individual users, organisations and re-sellers. The system supports 3 user access roles that cater for the needs of individual customers as well as franchisers. This makes Seraphin the perfect product for clients who wish to manage their own monitoring as well as those who wish to employ an intermediatry to manage the system for them.

How is it better?

Scalable and reliable

The Seraphin Monitoring Platform is a brand new product developed using the latest technology. The platform is hosted within the AWS cloud, powered by the same infrastructure as Netflix and government websites. Reliability and performance are therefore inherent in the product, ensuring you can expect the platform to scale with predictable performance whether you gather data from a handful or thousands of IoT devices.

Secure, encrypted technology

Seraphin Cloud Monitoring platform is based on LoRa, long range and low power wireless transmittion, designed to work with LoRA compliant devices that implement the latest specifications of the Lorawan protocol. All wireless radio communications are encrypted while ensuring very high delivery ratio.

Flexible deployment options

Seraphin platform providers can advise on a range of sensor deployment options for both wireless and wired installations. Wireless installations allow versatility of deployment options, while wired setups are advised where the reliability of transmissions is of highest priority. Our consultants are available to advise on the most optimal deployment package for your needs.

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